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What comprises a Business Credit Report

Reasons to get a report today


Report gives information such as nature of business, address and related parties such as Promoters, Partners, Holding Company etc. It also gives a snapshot of the type of credit facilities availed and the present status of these facilities.

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A credit score for your business to help you understand the creditworthiness of your business. This score is in the range of 300-900 as per guidelines laid out by RBI. A 700+ score indicates a good repayment track on the credit availed by your business.

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Details of each credit facility availed by your business are covered along with the repayment history over past 36 months on each of these facility. This will also cover if your business has guaranteed any credit facility.


Details of all inquiries requested by a lender with CRIF against your Business in last 24 months are covered here. This indicates the number of times that your business has sought new credit line from a lender.

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